About IP Booster

What is IP Booster?

IP Booster is a new specialised professional IP service for public research organisations looking to realise value from their research results.

Our experts will examine your case and guide you towards the best intellectual property strategy for your public research organisation, at no cost to you and fully supported by the European Commission.

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If your public research organisation is:

  • Generating high-quality research, and eager to improve its impact on the market
  • Trying to better address IP issues associated with commercialisation 
  • Searching for experts who can help you develop a successful intellectual property strategy

then our services are just what you need.

We’ll help you:

  • Determine the type and amount of IP protection you need for your project’s intellectual assets, and whether you need to acquire rights to third party IPRs
  • Design a patent landscape so you can clearly identify which commercialisation pathways are best for your research
  • Conduct a thorough due diligence assessing the quantity and quality of IP assets generated by your project and estimating their future value
  • Prepare your project’s patent, design and trademark applications
  • Provide advice and support in negotiating technology transfer agreements
  • Our services are available in 5 different packages – select the one that is most relevant for you, or take advantage of all five.

Who can use IP Booster?

  • The application must originate from a European University or Public Research Organisation
  • The applicant’s university or organisation must have a PIC (Participant Identification Code)
  • You must not be able to secure similar IP services at national level

How to get started?

Read our FAQs to check the eligibility criteria and find some advice on how to get going. We’re waiting for your application!

Who are META Group and ClearViewIP?

META Group is an international advisory and investment firm dedicated to the creation and nurturing of fast-growing companies. META combines venture capital fund management, entrepreneurial mentoring and innovation consultancy into an  integrated Platform for transforming knowledge in to growth.

META Group provides services to public and private players committed to fostering regional competitiveness; entrepreneurs keen to start up or further develop their companies; and researchers interested in exploiting their results. The company’s main activities include innovation and entrepreneurship policies, management of early stage funds, research results exploitation, support for start-up creation and access to finance. The company also has a long-lasting experience in setting up financial instruments and promoting access to finance.

ClearViewIP is the leading European Intellectual Property Consulting and Brokerage firm providing IP strategy, management and transactional services across a wide range of market and technology sectors. ClearViewIP helps clients globally to implement effective IP processes, build and strengthen their patent portfolios, assess, value and monetise intellectual property. We assist companies to understand their competitive position, build value, manage risks, and unlock additional income streams.

Founded in 2007, the internationally-recognised expertise of our directors, consultants and analysts provides a unique blend of real commercial and IP experience that carries with it a highly competitive track record of delivering value to businesses. ClearViewIP’s team includes CIPOs, business builders, licensing executives & technologists with decades of experience, working with multinational FTSE and Fortune 100 companies, as well as SMEs and academic institutions.

Their combined experience and expertise makes them the ideal service providers to help you achieve the best intellectual property strategy.