Service: Initial IP Audit

A systematic review of intangible assets, giving you an overview of your current IP position and recommended actions to improve.


A systematic review of intangible assets. It provides:

  • A snapshot of the current IP position in terms of the amount and type of IP protection
  • Recommended actions to improve the IP position
  • Advice on how to implement IP best practices
  • Guidance on how best to exploit the IP assets and which potential commercialisation strategies are available


Often chosen as a starting point to develop a commercialisation strategy. This service may also be requested for the following reasons:

  • To identify all the foreground that could be exploited from an ongoing or completed research project
  • Need for a comprehensive, holistic view of an IP portfolio, assessed by an objective 3rd party
  • Pragmatic, business-orientated advice based on an IP portfolio and an IP situation
  • Assistance may be required to exploit IP assets and choose the optimal strategy to increase revenue


An IP audit questionnaire will be provided to you to complete. This will form the basis of the investigation as to what your IP portfolio consists of. This questionnaire, and the supplementary communication (phone calls and emails) between the IPR expert and you, will help identify potential/latent IP which may not have been 'disclosed' and evaluated and to highlight where licenses may be required to ensure freedom to operate (FTO) to exploit existing IP rights.


A written report in the form of a slide deck.


This service provides the following outcomes:

  • Valuable IP commercial advice on how best to manage, grow and exploit an IP portfolio
  • IP protection advice to guide the research group as to how best protect their innovation
  • Guidance on how to protect the research group’s IP when engaging in commercial discussions
  • List of IP assets which can be used in situations such as when spinning-off a company, when entering into an industry collaboration or when there is an investment opportunity

Ideal for

Individual research projects as well as PRO IP portfolios.