Talking Technology Transfer: IP Booster and IP Helpdesk join forces

It was supposed to be an event that was partly online, partly offline... but then coronavirus struck.

The idea was that our expert, Dr Lisa Cowey, would join us in Brussels and present the webinar live from EURADA’s headquarters. Participants were invited to join us in person for coffee and a croissant, to speak to Lisa in person after and before the webinar, and to have the chance to ask IP Booster and IP Helpdesk staff more technical questions about our services.

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Coronavirus struck and most events in Brussels had been shut down or cancelled. Nevertheless, we went ahead with the webinar and a brilliant session introducing the concept of technology transfer was given by Dr Lisa Cowey.

Our audience was quite the mix: start-ups, NGOs, universities and research centres joined us. More than 100 people tuned in!

If you missed the webinar, we’ve created a recording for you, which is available here:

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