IP Booster provided an independent, third-party analysis for Oxford University

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The prestigious Oxford University is one of 28 organisations that has been approved for IP Booster services. “We received IP Landscape, FTO and IP evaluation searches & reports for two patent families that Oxford University Innovation Ltd (OUI Ltd) own and have arisen from research at the University of Oxford,” said Angela Calvert, Deputy Head of Licensing & Ventures at OUI Ltd, which manages technology transfer for Oxford University.

According to Angela, the services received were extremely valuable. “IP Booster provided an unbiased report from an independent third party. We were able to confirm the market positioning and competition in the market for the technologies that we are developing,” she said.

The IP Patent Landscape provided an “excellent insight into the key competitors in the field” and it reinforced the “confidence of the commercial team that the IP position of this technology and opportunity is strong.” Angela is confident that the IP Booster service “will provide a strong starting point for negotiation with investors about the value of the opportunity and for Oxford University Innovation (TTO) in negotiation of the terms of the technology license to the spin out”.

“At a basic level these reports confirmed information and opinions that we had already made, however they are extremely valuable to us,” Angela said.

She went on to describe how the IP Booster service has strengthened Oxford University’s starting point for negotiating with investors in regards to the value of their innovation and the terms of the technology license to the spin out.

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Are you a public research organisation looking for support for your IP strategy? Don't know how to start developing a commercialisation strategy for you research result? The deadline to be considered for the third assessment round is early next year. 

Eligibility criteria

• The application must come from a European University or Public Research Organisation
• Your organisation must have benefited from EU funds for research at some time
• National funds must not be available that could support you to secure similar IP services
• Requested services should not duplicate other services you are already receiving

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